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At Dakkota, relationships matter.That’s why we continuously cultivate our ongoing interaction with our supply chain.

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Minority and women-owned business enterprises help corporations build brand loyalty. The number of MBWEs — and the number of people they employ — is steadily rising.

Our supply chain of about 100 suppliers includes minority and women-owned businesses and organizations.

We mentor prospective suppliers interested in working with us through a structured process to establish new relationships that benefit our customers.

In 2013, we spent nearly $1 on our diversity efforts of every $5 spent on procurement.

Supplier Diversity Value Proposition

Diversity is a business imperative that helps us enhance our ability to address diverse markets. Diversity initiatives support our customers’ goals of job creation in minority communities.

Qualified Minority Groups

  • African American
  • Native American
  • Hispanic American
  • Asian-Indian American
  • Asian-Pacific American

Please contact us for more information on our Diversity Programs or click here to view our  Minority Procurement Policy

To become a Dakkota supplier, please fill out our Supplier Profile Submission Form

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